6 signs that you and your organization have been hacked


There are definitely more than five signs that can indicate that you or your organization have been hacked, i am briefly going to discuss the most common ones and hopefully that will help you guys out a little bit.


The Wandering Cursor

This symptom occurs when a computer is secretly under control by either attackers or some sort of malicious code (virus). The cursor arrow moves ever so slightly on its own, sometimes it moves a centimeter sometimes it moves a millimeter.

This is not suppose to happen on a clean system and is clear indicator of compromise, sometimes the cursor moves as the system fan comes on. If you experience such symptoms with your systems please purchase a legitimate copy of an anti-virus or contact us.


Please Change your password email

If an organization sends you an email urging you to change your login credentials solely because it’s a good cyber habit you should be aware! The organization is probably doing this because they’ve just suffered a massive data breach that most of the public is still not aware of.

If you do receive one of these e mails, DO NOT click the link in the said email to redirect you to the login renewal page, instead go ahead and type the organizations address in the address bar to ensure that you land on a legitimate page and not a phishing site. Make sure to change your login credentials using a strong password.


Dark Web Details

A simple search on the dark web can reveal whether you have been the victim of a data breach or identity theft.

Using a search engine like hidden wiki, one can  find forums that have stolen organizational data for sale. Personally Identifiable Information or PII,company secrets and medical records can be found for sale to the highest bidder on these forums.

So if you happen to find information that belongs to you or your organization on the dark web, that would indicate that you have been hacked.


Computer acting weird

I once woke up in the middle of the night only to find my computer running, the processor was working hard but the screen was blank,i was a victim of a virus that turns victim computers into a crypto coin harvesting bot net.

At an organization, system logs may show weird activity at odd hours of the night or a certain computer refusing to update its anti-virus. At this level of attack, your everyday off the shelf anti virus will not do,for this you need professionals to come in a do a full malware analysis. This will determine what kind of malware is on the systems and what it was doing in the systems.


Computer running too smooth

If it’s too good to be true….since the last time you downloaded that application now your computer never alerts you to virus detected or a possible malicious site!

This could be a sign that an attacker has infected your systems with malware that disables all anti virus programs, refuses up dates and blocks pop ups for you. To remedy this you must install a genuine anti virus and clean up the systems.


Disappearing Data

Is your mobile data constantly disappearing into thin air? If yes, then it means that your device could be infected with malware that is communicating with a  command-and-control (C&C) server by using your data bundles. Some savvy criminals have modified the malware to only send out data when a wi fi connection is detected.

A complete factory reset may remedy this but some extremely smart criminals have found ways of hiding malware in kernel memory. This means that even if you reset the phone, the malware will reboot itself like it’s part of the many device processes. This will allow it now to be detected by AV solutions.

Attacks are getting more sophisticated, and as we continue to use computer systems in our everyday life for everything from making coffee, ordering dinner to making sure the boss gets the TPS reports, attacks will continue to happen and their frequency will increase too.

These attacks will be almost impossible to detect..will you be ready .