Secure Data Destruction

Data Destruction

As organizations grow and modernize, old systems have to be replaced. These old systems still hold sensitive data that can wreck havoc if it lands in the wrong hands. Secure Data destruction ensures that no residual data is left in system to be recycled.

The Service

Red Lions secure data destruction will provide a service that forensically wipes clean retired and outdated IT systems. Forensic being that we follow international guidelines on secure data destruction set by NIST.SP.800 and as outlined in ISO27000.

Going Green

Red Lions recycling program ensures that all retired systems are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

How it Works

  1. Red  lion creates an inventory list to capture the out going assets serial numbers
  2. Red lion techs will then assist in choosing which destruction plan works best for you, either onsite or offsite.
  3. Red Lion will then recycle all the materials and reuse some parts in building free computers for schools and institutions in need.
  4. At the end of the process, Red Lion will send an acknowledgment that all data was forensically destroyed and that the old IT systems were recycled accordingly.
  5. By following strict International guidelines on secure data destruction, we assure you of compliance.

Sensitive data has been recovered from computer that were donated from organizations to universities, data like ID Numbers, Insurance, Financial.

We delete all our data before we replace with new systems ?

Even if you delete data from the old IT systems some of the information will still be recoverable. the only way to truly delete data is to forensically wipe the IT systems.

Why should we use Secure Data Destruction?

Because it ensures that 0 data remains on your old systems giving you piece of mind.

What happens to the recycled computers?

Most that can be salvaged will end up in schools and hospitals where they will serve for another 3-5 years

Why do you have destroy data using guidelines?

We do it so that both your organization and Red Lion can meet compliance regulations.