Professional Services

Professional Services (Red Lion Consult)

Red Lion Consult is Red Lions professional consulting service program, when it is time for your organization to invest in new systems, Red Lion is there to offer you advice on what to buy and where to by from based on your unique needs. Red Lion consult will help your organization implement and maintain information Technology policies that are required for compliance

Why Us

Red Lion professional services can advise and support IT projects from start to finish. Red Lion will assist from design phase, architecture assessment, technology implementation and service optimization.

  • we choose the best solution for the problem
  • Our techs have a wide range experience with different vendors
  • We are all certified, everyone on the team has at least one international certification.
  • Effective communication eases systems handover

Access Control

Red Lions access control Techs are ready to introduce you to the latest and smartest solutions for access control and identity management. Smart solutions such as facial recognition cameras, smart cards and traffic monitoring cameras e.t.c

Other Red Lion Professional Services

Infrastructure Security Solutions 

Customize your security infrastructure to meet the organizations needs .

Cloud security

Legacy systems migration

Endpoint & Network Security Solutions 

We evaluate the organizations current end point and network posture then recommend better solutions if needed

Can i request a solution is non existent in the market?

At Red Lion we are up for the challenge, our team is made up of individuals who think outside the box and we believe there is a solution for every thing.

Do the solutions come with warranties ?

Yes they come with manufactures warranties from the vendors.

How much does it cost ?

Prices will vary from project to project.