Social Engineering PenTest

A social engineering pentest against the organizations assests is the best way to determine whether the controls set in place are effective. We focus on social engineering as it is the most common type of attack and it also very effective. This pentest is also done against both digital and human assests to determine their weaknesses.


Logical Penetration Test

This is a test against all the networks and systems in the organization. The logical test comes in two types:

External Pen Test -This is a test against all the organizations outward looking systems, simply put its a pen test from outside the organization network.

Internal Pen Test - This is a test that is carried out from within the organizations network.

Both test still follow the same basic procedures used in network penetration tests.

  1. Intelligence Gathering
  2. Network and Applications Recon
  3. Vulnerability Discovery
  4. Exploit

Physical Penetration Test

This is a test against the organizations physical systems to ascertain whether an attacker can access vital systems.

  • Does the CCTV cover the whole organization, or does the CCTV facilitate in an attack
  • Access Control
  • How accessible is the data room
  • Physical access to networks and vital data cables

The Service

At the end of the penetration test Red lion will furnish the client with 4 deliverable's, the documents disclose our findings and give the client an understanding of their security posture,they are:

  • Executive summary
  • Technical report
  • Remediation plan
  • A final onsite presentation


To determine whether systems that have been put in place to ensure information security are effective enough to prevent an attack. The attack can either be from outside of the organizations network or from within.

Perform and intense Vulnerability scan followed by a penetration test to gauge how well the organizations systems are secured.

Clients have a better understanding of their cyber security posture and are now armed with information to fix any problems found