Malware Analysis and Prevention

Today's cyber attacks all involve some sort of malware and a payload. The problem is that the malware used in these attacks are malware unlike any other, this new breed of malware can hide from Anti-virus programs, hide and wait, collect and covertly transmit data ...

How Clean are Your Systems ?

How clean are your systems? How sure are that there is no form of malware on your systems? Reports have shown that it takes organizations up to 10 years to realize that they have some sort of data gathering malware on their systems. This happens because some malware is designed to be undetectable by Anti-virus.

Using forensic techniques and tools we have the ability to determine whether there is malicious code in your systems.

When done with the analysis , Red Lion will furnish the client with the following deliverable's :

  • Executive summary.
  • Technical report with remediation recommendations.
  • An onsite presentation.

Determine whether there is malware on the organizations network and in its IT systems.

Deploy a range of network monitoring tools and software to detect abnormal activity. Employ forensic techniques and procedures to detect evidence of malware.

A network and systems free from malware