Digital Risk Management

Partner with Red Lion Cyber Solutions as your managed I.T Security Service provider or Digital Risk Management (DRM) and watch the productivity of your team increase. By partnering with us your business can focus more on its core objectives and leave the cyber security to us. Our Digital risk management solutions fit seamlessly into your already existing I.T solutions so as not to interrupt business as usual. Red lion’s services guarantee less down time due network failures, data loss incidents that require recovery and other I.T related incidents.

Why Managed Services

Red lion’s services guarantee less down time due network failures, data loss incidents that require recovery and other I.T related incidents.

Having Red Lion as your service partner is as good as having a highly trained IT security department that is dedicated to the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your organizations data.

Best of all, having us as a managed service provider is considerably cheaper than having your own I.T Security team. Another advantage to having us on your team is the amount of expertise that you get from us, members of the team are all trained and have a passion for Cyber-Security.  Again the reasons to get managed services are:

  • A dedicated Cyber-Security Operations Team(CSOT) for threat intel, monitoring, and forensics
  • Proffesional documentation and execution of runbooks and incident-response plans
  • Comprehensive expertise across AV, IDS & IPS
  • Complete and concise reports, and recurring reviews with management
  • Controlled costs (no increases) for contract length
  • No staffing-related costs like recruiting, hiring, or training
  • Increased productivity of the organization

Cyber Security as a Service

Digital Risk Managent can be tailor made to fit organizations of all sizes and functions. No two organizations are alike and their is no one fits all solution. The beauty of DRM is that it allows clients to pick and choose which services they think will best fit the needs of the organization.

Some  of the services clients can choose from are:

  1. Threat management
  2. Data management
  3. Log management
  4. Network security
  5. Vulnerability management
  6. Backup and Disaster recovery
  7. Capacity Planning
  8. Security Monitoring  

Digital Risk Management in Detail

Some of the serviec we offer in DRM package include the following.

  • Assist in the development and maintenance of the Digital Risk Management program for the organization
  • Develop a cyber resilience business continuity IR programme
  • Managing daily operations and implementation of the Cyber Security Strategy
  • Communicating with the relevant stakeholders about key IT security threats
  • Ensure robustness of the organizations IT systems security


Identify areas in the organization that are most likey to ares of high chance of attack.

Verify if the threats do actually exist so as to not waste resources.

Pick the DRM package that best fits the organizations needs.

Watch production soar as we focus on Cyber security while your organization focuses on its core business.