Deleted Data, No Problem!

Data Recovery

Data loss can be devastating to any organization, whether its facts and figures for a large corporation or HD footage for a media company. Red Lion Cyber Solutions has the right data recovery process package that fits your needs

Physical Damage

Physical damage is one of the two main factors that may cause storage media to fail, some of the causes of this type of damage is:

  • Flooding-water damage or fluid damage.
  • Shock-Sudden sharp stop or drop
  • Malice-intentional damage caused by humans
  • Read/Write Head failure
  • Dust and other airborne particles

Logical Damage

Logical damage occurs in the 1 and 0s that make up the data in the storage media and is either caused by the software failure or malware in the system.

Data Recovery and its complexities

Data recovery methods vary from storage medium to storage medium. Some types of data recovery are more complex than others. This results in pricing that may vary greatly from case to case.

  • Flash memory recovery
  • Server Drive Recovery (R.A.I.D)
  • 3.5 Inch Drives and Solid State Drives
How long does a Data Recovery Take ?

Recovery time depends greatly on the case, it could be a few hours for a simple recovery and up-to 4 days for really large drives

How much does Data Recovery cost ?

Data recovery may cost any where from Ksh 100 to Ksh 300 per GB. Extremely damaged drives may cost more to recover due to the extra time required to access the parts

What if my drive contains extremely sensitive information ?

At Red Lion we have a Non Disclosure agreement which the tech working on the drive must sign, this document ensures that employees do not disclose or discuss among themselves the type of data they are recovering and who they are recovering it for doing so will lead to instant termination

Do you offer onsite recovery ?

Yes we do offer on sight recovery.