Data Management

Red Lions data management service is vital to any organization. With Red Lions advanced data management, your organization is ensured that all data will remain Confidential  have Integrity and always be available.

Organizations Life Blood

Employees are the soul and data is the life blood of any organization, therefore it is imperative that organizations maintain data that is confidential, has integrity and is available to the authorized users. Red Lion will help you manage your data and assist you in preventing data from getting into the wrong hands.

Data management consist of Encryption, Data Back-ups and Data storage and Red Lion has the package to fit all needs.

Data Breach by the Numbers

The graph below shows how much cash organizations lost directly and indirectly due to data loss

How it Works

Data management when done well will save you and your organization a huge amount of money and resources  while protecting your brand reputation.

  • Organizations that experience data loss hardly ever make it back.
  •  Data loss can be prevented with no special equipment
  • Data-back up is cheaper than data recovery
  • Encryption results in your data having no value to attackers

Protect all organizational data from unauthorized access. Make all organizational data available to those authorized to view it in a timely manner and to make certain that all the data has integrity.

Red Lion will meet all the challenges by implementing the following to the organization


An encryption policy will ensure that all the data in the organization is useless to those not allowed to view it.

Back Up

A back up policy and procedure is safety net that is crucial to an organization functions in the event of data loss, or a ransomware attack. Depending of the policy type the organizations will always have its data intact no matter the kind of disaster.


Any critical data that is to stored or transmitted must have its Hash key taken to ensure that the data it not tampered with will in transit or in storage.

The result is that your organization will have a redundant data storage system, a system that will reduce the cost of data loss, reduce down time considerably and save the organization money