Awareness Training

Social Engineering Awareness Training (S.E.A.T) and Cyber Security Awareness Training (C.S.A.T) are cyber security awareness programs that we have created in house to train employees of your organization in becoming cyber security aware individuals with good "Cyber-Habits ", with the main focus being on social engineering prevention.  At the end of the 2 day program, users will become HUMAN FIREWALLS!

Prevention over Cure

The most common type of cyber attack, requires no special training or technical knowledge, it relies solely on the weakness of human beings willingness to help. a social engineering attack may take place and the victim may not find out that they have been attacked until its too late. Both training programs can easily mitigate this problem.

  • Social Engineering Awareness Training - this 2 day workshop covers everything to do with social engineering, form origins to prevention. all aspects of SE attacks are covered in this program. BUY THIS TRAINING HERE
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training - this 2 day workshop covers all aspects of cyber security that may put an organization at risk, everything from desktop security to malware will be discussed. BUY THIS TRAINING HERE


Social Engineering Prevention

In order to reduce the chance of a Social Engineering attack, Red Lion will work with your organization to test end user Security Awareness of Phishing, Spear Phishing and other social engineering attacks. Social engineering prevention training is considerably cheaper.


Red Lions Social Engineering Assessment Services test your organization’s susceptibility to Social Engineering attacks with safe, approved, and authorized replication email-based attacks on targeted employees. The goal of the assessment is to help an organization understand and therefore improve its current security standing. the assessment will:

  • Asses security awareness of users by identifying those who click links in phishing emails
  • Set phishing traps to flag data leakage risks
  • Test end-user computers for vulnerabilities that can be exploited

Upon completion of the assessment, Red Lion will provide a final presentation as well as a report detailing:

  • Type of the work performed plus steps taken in exploitation
  • exposures identified
  • Identification of data accessed
  • Remediation recommendations


Social Engineering attacks take may many forms and can be a challenge to identify without the right training. Red Lion has simplified this challenge by breaking it down into 3 simple areas:

  • Identifying the problem areas

At this stage, we shall be looking for all the main problem areas in the organization, looking for the weakest link at this time.

  • Challenging the Norm

Because this kind of attack is like no other, it may be difficult to convince employees that an attack is actually taking place. So, we shall ask people to start doing things that they never do, like not giving some certain information through the phone even though they used to do it before.

  • Implementing Change

Undoubtedly the most challenging part of the mission. Getting people to get used to the new ways of doing things is usually a problem. Changing passwords every month maybe tiring but it reduces the chances of an attack being successful.

Training and Social Engineering awareness are the only solution to this simple but sophisticated attack. Red Lion will provide training that immerse users in real life situations that an attack can take place in.

Red Lion will implement the use of mock Phishing e-mails, fake pop ups, and whole variety of other social engineering tricks to gauge the preparedness of the team, and to see which individuals will fall victim to our fake attacks.

After the training is over, users shall have a new-found knowledge on how to prevent such attacks, a report shall also be given to those in charge highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of different departments.

At the end a Social Engineering Policy will be introduced and implemented either by Red Lion or the client.

The result is a team that is less susceptible to Social Engineering attacks, a team that knows what to do if they feel that they have become a victim of an attack, and a team that will ensure that the organization does not get hacked!