Social Engineering Nightmare

Social engineering attacks are getting more sophisticated, will your organization be ready for one?

Prevent Social Engineering

Our Approach

Red Lions approach is that of creating social engineering awareness in the culture of the organization, our approach is that of preventing the main attack from happening. This is why Social engineering training and Penetration testing are our core business, prevention is better than cure or in this case prevention is cheaper!

Africa's digital future secured! is our motto, coined by the founder, it solidifies our organizations goals.

The Weakest Link !

All hacks that have taken place in recent history all have one common factor, the user. No matter how sophisticated the equipment you have in your organization it is worthless if employees are not cyber security aware individuals. Having a user in the organization who is not aware of their cyber security responsibilities is great liability to the organization.

Not only is training cheaper than buying equipment but it also leaves employees feeling like they have a greater role to play in the organization security, its a win win. 

Financial Services Industry

This sector has more than reputation to loose in the event of a data breach. We have services that are tailor made for you

Law Firms

Law firms are abundant with sensitive data that would be a hackers dream come true.

Health Care Sector

Patient profiles and data need to be secured but also needs to be available at a moments notice.


Both national and county government have valuable data and systems that use SCADA technology. they would benefit form our services


Imagine if someone knew your trade secrets, impending mergers and other sensitive data that could lead to losses. we can mitigate that.

Learning Institutes

School records and data are sensitive and need to be secured at all times.
“Africa’s Digital Future..Secured !”