The Link:Malware in Kenya and East Africa

May 14, 2017 Malware, Mobile Security by red lion No comments

The tiny powerful computers are everywhere, from your 14-year-old sister to your granny they are everywhere. I’m talking about smart phones, smart phones are everywhere and let’s face it, majority of smart phone users have no clue how the damn thing works. Even though users have become adept at using tech their actual knowledge at […]

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How to Increase Your Cyber Security While Working From Home

June 19, 2020 Consulting, Data Management, Hacking, Social Engineering, Training by red lion No comments

The current COVID 19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge to employees and employers all around the world. In the wake of the pandemic, millions of employees have been sent home to work remotely. Most of these employees are used to having large IT departments to assist them whenever they need help, now these same […]

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How Fraudsters bought 2 IPhone 10s in Russia with a Kenyan Credit Card

June 17, 2020 Uncategorized by red lion No comments

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Art of the Hack: Stealing Cars the Hacker Way

May 30, 2018 Uncategorized by red lion No comments

Bimma Benz or Bentley There as been a recent upsurge in the theft of luxury cars in the UK in past few years according to interpol. Police in an upscale neighbourhood had reported an increase in car break ins but recently those break ins have turned into car thefts. This trend has been linked to […]

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