Cyber-Security Awareness Training

Thank you for showing Interest in Cyber security awareness training. Employee training is the simplest and most affordable way to mitigate the the effects of a cyber attack.


'Most hacking incidents happen due to lack of employee training, unlike soft ware and hardware humans don't get updates "- Hacker X



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What is Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT)

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (CSAT)

A custom made 2 day training workshop that aims to instill good cyber-habits in all the employees of the organization. The course content is non technical and includes topics such as password management, malware, social engineering, desktop and physical security, wireless security and many more. Very affordable at ksh 5,800 per person per day, a 50 % discount.

Remote Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Due to the current pandemic, we offer all of our trainning courses remotely. This means that our trainees do not have to be physically present in your organization. All that is needed is a reliable internet connection and a zoom account or whichever teleconferencing platform your organization prefers to use.