Company History

Officially the company was registered in the republic of Kenya in November of 2016, Unofficially Red Lion has been in cyber security ever since the founder was introduced to ethical hacking more 15 years ago. The company may be young but it is made up a team of highly trained and passionate professionals.


who is this Kevin Mitnick guy ?

The founder of RLCS found a book by this individual titled "The Art of Deception". this book details how the said individual used social engineering to get passwords that gave access to some of the largest organizations in USA. The seed was planted..!

The Journey Begins

The founders journey to become the best Ethical hacker began. He pursued a degree in Information Security focusing on Forensics and audit at the same become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Founding of Red Lion Cyber-solutions

The company was officially founded and began doing research on cyber security trends in east Africa.

The Year of The Lion

This is the year that Red Lion Cyber-solutions takes center stage and proves the world how important our service is..