The Link: Malware in East Africa

June 7, 2017 Hacking, Malware by red lion No comments

Malware in East Africa Remember when your laptop was new? It was fast, shiny and never got hot. These days its slow, keeps hanging, the battery life is nonexistent and it gets so hot it’s no longer a “lap” top. My friend your beloved computer has been infected by malware short for malicious code. Malware […]

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The Link:Malware in Kenya and East Africa

May 14, 2017 Malware, Mobile Security by red lion No comments

The tiny powerful computers are everywhere, from your 14-year-old sister to your granny they are everywhere. I’m talking about smart phones, smart phones are everywhere and let’s face it, majority of smart phone users have no clue how the damn thing works. Even though users have become adept at using tech their actual knowledge at […]

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