Art of the hack: Hacking Instagram Accounts

May 24, 2018 Hacking, Social Engineering by red lion No comments

Hacking Instagram Accounts Ever wonder how people get their social media accounts hacked? How do the hackers get your password and why would they get your password. In most cases of social media accounts being hacked, the common factor is that the attackers gained access by using the account holders details. How they manage to […]

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The Link: Malware in East Africa

June 7, 2017 Hacking, Malware by red lion 6 Comments

Malware in East Africa Remember when your laptop was new? It was fast, shiny and never got hot. These days its slow, keeps hanging, the battery life is nonexistent and it gets so hot it’s no longer a “lap” top. My friend your beloved computer has been infected by malware short for malicious code. Malware […]

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