5 Reasons why you will be Hacked !

I’ll never be hacked, i have no reason to be hacked or i have nothing to hide. These are the common recurring statements i hear whenever i mention hacking. People think that they have to be important or have money in order to be hacked, this is far from the truth. People get hacked for all sorts of reasons, from simple bitcoin mining malware to sophisticated data mining polymorphic malware, we shall look at 5 reasons why you will be hacked !

1.You have Access to Someone/Somewhere or Something Important

Most victims of hacking always get hacked either by receiving an email, a text or even a phone call from someone they think they know, that someone they think they know could be you. This is called vectoring, a prominent politician may get an email from someone claiming to be from their child’s school, the school admin has been hacked so the email looks legitimate and so they open it, little do they know they just opened a malicious email.

Something as simple as hacking a househelps phone with malware, then her phone will hack other phones in her gossiping circle and you have a neighbourhood information center with all the latest gossip of the on goings in household they work in.

Vectoring defined is the hacker using an innocent victim to get to the intended target.


Don’t click links in text messages from numbers that look similar to someone you know but you are not sure, do not click any links within an email, navigate to the site via url bar.


2.You Play a Key Role in the Organization

Just like the school admin who got hacked in the first example, playing a key role in the organization will increase your chances of getting hacked. An employee like this is referred to as a gold mine, hacking them would result in a treasure trove of use full information such as passwords, network layouts, scheduled meetings and other information that would make hacking the whole organization easier.

Hacking a bank manager’s computer, monitoring it for 6 months and gathering data will yield more information than staking the bank. Hacking a high level marketing manager will reveal sensitive information that a competing organization will definitely be interested in.


Always have a STRONG password or rather a PASSPHRASE that is changed regularly. Practice good “cyber-habits” both at work and out of the workplace. While out with friends DONT brag about where you work and what position you have at work, you never know whos listening. You might wake up the next day with a fancy malicious USB in your pocket, don’t know how it got there but i bet you plug it in!


3.Disgruntled Employee

An employee who feels they are being treated unfairly by the organization is most likely to turn against the organization and cause problems. This employee may engage in activities like giving out company details such as passwords and network layouts to potential hackers on the outside.

This type of threat can be very damaging to the organization, the rouge employee knows the infrastructure of the organization, he/she knows the procedures of the organization and would have it easy navigating through the organizations networks.


Change all passwords as soon as an employee is let go, make sure that the employee has turned in all company devices. Dont let all employees know the intricacies of how the other organizational systems work e.g employees who work in marketing dont need to know where the servers for the finance department are. Treat all employees well, when firing someone, fire them with respect and dignity.


4.Disgruntled Lover

There is a thin line between love and war, this is very true. That person that you once loved and shared everything with is now your arch enemy and worst nightmare. You shared passwords, banking details, social media sites and even email passwords.

Now the honeymoon is over and someone is seeking revenge, your nudes start making the rounds on social media. You feel like someone is watching you, it’s because they are! Many  an ex lover have ruined each others lives because of all the sensitive data they shared now, it’s over and they have all your passwords.


Don’t give your love of your life everything in the name of love, passwords, gmail accounts, banking details, mother’s maiden name have nothing to do with love!


5.Lack of Training

The number one reason people get hacked is because they lack basic cyber security training, technology is expanding rapidly and finding its way into many places. These days even a tiny corner store has a computer! A lack of basic cyber aware behaviors is causing both individuals and organizations a pretty penny.

Employees visiting questionable websites, downloading movies at work, filling in pop up forms with sensitive data are all symptoms of poor cyber habits in the organization. These poor cyber habits will ultimately lead to cyber security incidents such as data loss, hacking and unauthorized access.

Research has shown that organizations that employ a cyber-aware culture suffer less cyber security incidents, save money and preserve their brand.


A simple cyber security awareness workshop or a social engineering training seminar is far cheaper and more effective than expensive high tech equipment. Training and awareness programs empower employees/users to be the first line of defense in their organizations, they infect become human firewalls.

Posters and tips placed around the organization can be used to remind employees what role they play in the cyber security of the organization.