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Securing Africa's digital future one organization at a time, one user at a time. To ensure that Africa does not become a Cyber-crime haven..


Having trained under some of the most experienced people in the industry, our team is ready to take on any challenge


At Red Lion we maintain professionalism by maintaining procedures that are up-to and above industry standards set by NIST and ISO27000.


We are proud to have a team that consist of talent from different areas of the industry, from telecoms to media.


Our service is straight forward and honest, no hidden costs.

Easy to use

Red Lion services and product are easy to use.


We are very flexible and adapt to clients needs seamlessly.

A few words about our company

Red Lion Cyber-solutions is a Cyber-security and cyber-solutions firm that believes in providing solutions to suite all budgets.


Cases completed

we are proud to say that we have successfully completed more than 16 cases!


The Red Lion team is small but fierce, we believe in delivering quality and we the professionals to do that

Satisfied customers

Nothing bring more joy to the team than seeing a fully satisfied customer, whether its recovering deleted data or empowering users to be "cyber aware".

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization really need Cyber Security awareness training ?

Yes, having the whole team trained in becoming "cyber-aware" employees exponentially reduced the chances of the organization becoming a victim of Cyber-crime.

How much will Cyber-security cost me and my Organization?

How much are you willing to lose to hackers? How much do you  value your organizations data? The cost of cyber security depends on how much you are willing to risk! lets just  say its cheaper than the damages caused!

Why should i trust such a young company ?

At Red Lion we are young but passionate, members of the team have been involved in cyber security even before "Hacking" become daily news ! we collectively have more than 42 years experience and  we are driven by passion and not profits !

My organization already has a network admin why do we need you guys?

A network admin is not a security expert, most "hacks" happen through the most unlikely vector such as a third party vendor. Consulting with Red Lion Cyber solutions is the best action to see what your cyber threat stance is.

My organization already has expensive equipment, why do we need you guys?

Because Cyber-security is a human investment, you may have the best and most expensive equipment but all that is no match for a social engineering expert to circumvent. It is not the equipment but the user of the equipment that is both the strongest and the weakest link

Cyber Security as said by the experts

Cyber Security News

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