The Link:How a Telecommunications Giant Become Big Brother in Kenya

December 13, 2017 Data Management by red lion

Big Brother in Kenya The merriam-webster dictionary defines Big brother as “an all-powerful government or organization monitoring and directing people’s actions”. Ever since the tech boom we’ve been experiencing in Kenya there have been two major players that are the foundation of this nations data communications backbone, Safaricom and Huawei. Safaricom is a cash cow […]

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Art of the Hack:What is your Data Worth?

May 24, 2017 Data Management by red lion

So your small business has grown, now you have 20 employees and more than enough customers to keep up with. Over the years you have managed keep all the paper work in order but off late the shift to database was inevitable. now you have customer profiles, contacts, you even have contacts of contacts, buying […]

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